From the beginning until now, CDC INSOL IPURL activity has grown considerably. The management of open procedures, drew the following operations:

  • reorganization of the insolvent debtor, recovery time remained to cover liability companies, the identification of goods, recovery, evaluation and capitalization via public tender or direct negotiation;
  • formulate actions for annulment of fraudulent concluded by the debtor to the detriment of creditors;
  • recovery of receivables held by the debtor at some companies by formulating specific actions;
  • drafting reorganization plans and reports and Regulations sale of movable and immovable property;
  • overseeing the implementation of reorganization measures and monitoring payment schedules and debt repayment to creditors, etc..



On average, unless they have been found representatives borrowers headquarters was fictional and balances were not deposited in financial administration for a period of 3 years prior to the opening of proceedings, debt recovery rate is over 80%.



The large number of insolvency cases in recent years have required a team of professionals specialized legal, economic and technical with experience in the field of insolvency that can cover the entire range of tasks in the procedure - sending notices for publication in the Insolvency Bulletin, convening creditors, providing the secretariat meetings, introducing to cancel fraudulent actions.

To verify claims, examination of the economic situation of the debtor, the reporting activities, decisions on whether to continue the work, we take all measures to avoid errors of any kind that could delay the proceedings against parties involved.

Given that, under the new insolvency law, decisions on policy steps in the procedure belong insolvency practitioner, either administrator or liquidator, it is important that the decision-maker to be proven qualities of good manager.

CDC INSOL IPURL currently has a total of 15 people who provide this activity and collaborates with other insolvency practitioners, as well

as companies specialized in financial and accounting services and making accounting expertise, evaluation companies and other law firms with experience in liquidation. Number of persons involved in the management and liquidation can supplement depending on the complexity of the case.

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